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A Licensed Private Security Company in Malaysia with over 12+ years of experience and expertise that offers dependable, affordable, and cost-effective Security Services to safeguard your premises, assets, and personnel around-the-clock as well as Investigation & Detective Sevices.

We practice "Detect, Deter, Observe and Report" policy.

Private Security Guard Company in Malaysia with Nation-wide presence, serving clients in Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru, Penang and Melaka.

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Security Services FAQ

  • What is a Private Agency License?

    According to the Private Agency Act 1971:
    Licence 2(a) - Providing personal guard and protection for the safety of somebody else or safety of property or other peoples business.
    Licence 2(b) - Gathering and giving information about behaviour, activities or other peoples business.

  • What is Security Guard Service?

    Security Guard Service is a type of security service wherein persons are hired to maintain a high-visibility presence to deter illegal and inappropriate actions, looking (either directly, through patrols, or indirectly, by monitoring alarm systems or video surveillance cameras) for signs of crime or other hazards (such as a fire), taking action to minimize damage (such as warning and escorting trespassers off property), and reporting any incidents to their clients and emergency services (such as the police or paramedics), as appropriate.

  • How to find the Best Security Guard Services Company in Malaysia?
    • The Best way to choose a Security Services Company in Malaysia is to Question Yourself?
      Why do you need Security Guards?

      Because every Security Company has their Specialized Security Service. for example;
      Some provide best Patrolling Services.
      Some are best at offering Personal Body Guards.
      Some are best at offering Security Guards for Events on (Ad-hoc Basis).
      Some are experts at providing Security Guards for Lobby / Parking.
      While some are best for Entry / Exit Level Manned Guarding Service.

    • (Do your homework) Google about Best security companies in Malaysia to learn about the Security services they provide.
    • Read their Business Reviews and Client Testimonials. Find reviews on GoogleMyBusiness, Facebook, Linkedin.
    • Ask for references from friends, family and Business Partners.
    • Evaluate Security Guard Company Work History.
    • Proof of Licenses and Ceritfications.
    • Check if the Security Guards are Trained & Certified.
    • Organize Meetings with Potential Companies.
  • What are the common goals of security services?
    • To protect clients and employees
    • To guard physical assets against damage and theft
    • To avoid cyber/identity theft.
  • Where are security guards needed the most?
    • Condominium & Apartment (Residential)
    • Banks & Financial Institutions
    • Building and facility
    • Educational Institutions
    • Events
    • Government Departments & Buildings
    • Hospital
    • Hotel
    • Industry & Manufacturing Units
    • Residential
    • Shopping Mall / Super Market
    • Warehouses Security
  • How many security companies are there in Malaysia?

    Until May 2016, there are around 800 licenced security companies throughout Malaysia.
    Source: Journal of Public Security and Safety Vol. 5 Siri 1/2016 - KDN

  • How many security guards are there in Malaysia?

    Until May 2016, there are 164,949 registered security guards employed by the 800 licenced security companies throughout Malaysia.
    Out of those, 136,628 are Malaysians and 28,321 are Nepalese (Security and Public Order Division, MOHA 2016)
    Source: Journal of Public Security and Safety Vol. 5 Siri 1/2016 - KDN